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About osteopathy

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Osteopathy and pain relief

What is pain?

Pain is a warning signal that something is wrong. It is one of the body’s natural defence mechanisms to alert you to a problem, but also it is there to stop you from damaging your body further. Look on it as a red traffic light.

Osteopaths diagnose the cause of pain and can often do a great deal to help reduce the level of your pain and suffering.

But what causes pain? Often it is the result of localised swelling of injured tissue, which creates pressure on nerves.

Your pain

The skilled techniques of osteopathy can allow you a speedy return to normal activity. If you have had pain for a long time and other forms of treatment have not helped, osteopathic treatment may be beneficial, although it may require time and patience.

The osteopath will look at how your whole body functions and so will be able to reduce strain on the painful area caused by mechanical problems elsewhere.

There are times when it is wise for you to take medication as well as receiving osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths frequently work in close co-operation with your doctor.

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