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About osteopathy

What is osteopathy? Conditions that can be helped What should I expect? Osteopathy and pain relief What is back pain? Ten top tips

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Top ten tips

  1. For back pain, it’s better to see your osteopath sooner rather than later.
  2. Take regular exercise – your osteopath can advise you on what is right for you.
  3. Hours spent in one position can cause problems.
  4. During repetitive tasks, vary your rhythm and take frequent breaks.
  5. Adjust your car seats for long journeys, and take regular breaks to stretch.
  6. Pace yourself with heavy work like gardening – don’t risk a disc!
  7. Watch children’s posture – they shouldn’t carry bags on one shoulder or spend too long at a computer without breaks.
  8. Avoid strain when lifting, particularly small children and shopping.
  9. Your bed could become part of the problem. Seek osteopathic advice.
  10. During pregnancy, osteopathy can help your body adjust to changes.
Illustration depicting back pain